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At OE Design, luxury is not an offering; it is our standard. Nestled in Toronto’s most affluent neighborhoods, our company has emerged as a beacon of sophistication for boutique residential creations. Our identity transcends traditional construction; we are the designers behind some of the city’s most exclusive living spaces.

Founded by OMID TABA, a visionary with an uncompromising eye for detail and a passion for innovation, has carved a niche in the industry. Over the past two decades, he has honed a unique approach to high-end residential design, each project a testament to his belief that a home should be immersive, telling its story through every deliberate and thoughtful detail.

OE’s expertise shines through in our range of services, which not only encompass understanding our clients’ needs and crafting solutions to their everyday challenges but also tailoring our designs to align with their budgets and style preferences. Whether it’s the grandeur of estate properties, the precision of interior design, or the finesse of décor and styling, we ensure our clients’ visions are brought to life. With a global reach, our portfolio spans projects across North America and the serene shores of the Caribbean.

We offer comprehensive solutions from Architectural Design, Interior Design, Furniture, Finishing & Equipment, to Construction Project Management. Whether our clients desire a turnkey experience, from initial conception to the unveiling of their furnished dream home or seek specialized expertise for certain aspects of their project, our commitment is to serve and to astonish.

With over 200 projects in its repertoire, OE Design not only meets the aspirations of design and construction but transcends them. Join us on this bespoke journey where every home is a masterpiece, waiting to be brought to life.

At the heart of OE, OMID TABA’s ethos is not just about erupting homes—it’s about creating ART.

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170 Sheppard Ave East – Unit 101A
North York | Ontario | M2N 3A4

Phone: 647 344 1177


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170 Sheppard Ave East – Unit 101A
North York | Ontario | M2N 3A4

Phone: 647 344 1177


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